How to Add Multiple Currency Pricing Table in Kajabi

How to Add Multiple Currency Pricing Table in Kajabi

Jan 31, 2024

Enhance Your Kajabi Site with Multiple Currency Pricing Table - A Step-by-Step Guide.

In our interconnected global economy, catering to a diverse audience is paramount for online businesses. Offering multiple currency options enhances the user experience, allowing visitors from different regions to engage with your content more comfortably. This personalization not only boosts user satisfaction but also has tangible benefits, such as increased trust, broader market reach, and improved conversion rates.

In this blog article, we’ll explore how to seamlessly integrate a Multiple Currency Pricing Table on Kajabi, empowering you to connect with a worldwide audience effortlessly.

  1. Insert Pricing table

Create a pricing table section. You can have multiple pricing options inside your pricing sections but for the purpose of this article we only have two — Monthly and Annually. Style it the way that fits your branding. Make Sure the pricing table is inside its own dedicated section.

  1. Insert Custom Code Block

Add a custom code block inside the pricing table section and paste this code with the div element <div class="bm-currency-section--usd"></div>.

Note: We are going to make changes to this code or say div element later in the article.

You are pretty much done with the skeleton of it and now you just need to duplicate the pricing table section the number of times equal to the number of currencies you need to add. For this purpose we will be using 5 currency options like Australian,Canadian,euro,etc. Each section represents a particular currency.

  1. Naming the sections & changing values

Now name each pricing section as per the currency on that section so that it becomes easier for you to navigate to make changes to it later.

For example name the section where you have US Dollars to Pricing Section - USD.

Now Inside of each pricing section, open the code block and update the variable inside the div to their corresponding currency variable.

For example: <div class="bm-currency-section--usd"></div>.(US Dollars)

<div class="bm-currency-section--cad"></div>.(Canadian Dollars).

Do This for all the pricing sections. Here's what it would look like in this case.

  1. Adding drop-down

The last step to this configuration when you are done adding all your currency tables is to create a new section at the top of the very first pricing table, add a custom code block to it and insert the corresponding HTML, CSS and JS code.

And voila you are done🎊.

Note: Remember to add this dropdown section at the top of your currency sections.

Key Features:

  • You can add as many currency tables you need as per your clients you are serving worldwide by simply updating few lines of code.

Some points to note here is the flag link must be hosted in a cloud based platform like cloudinary or any other you prefer. Each object or curly brace separated with a comma represents a currency.

  • As every currency table is inside of its own section, you can redirect your users to different pages inside of kajabi or other urls.

  • Since we are using the kajabi sections and pricing tables itself, you get to style them according to your needs or liking without much hassle.

YouTube video link:

The video provides detailed and easy explanations of how everything is set up. How you can update, add and remove currency and make changes to your tables.


By implementing a Multiple Currency Pricing Table on your Kajabi site, you unlock a myriad of benefits.

Improved User Satisfaction:

Users appreciate a seamless and personalized experience. Offering prices in their local currency eliminates confusion and enhances the overall satisfaction of your global audience. It reflects a commitment to understanding and accommodating their unique needs.

Increased Sales Potential:

Breaking down currency barriers can lead to a significant uptick in conversions. Potential customers are more likely to engage and make a purchase when they can easily comprehend the pricing in their familiar currency. This accessibility fosters trust and encourages users to take that crucial step towards completing transactions.

Global Market Reach:

Diversifying your currency options extends your reach to new markets. It positions your business as accessible and adaptable to an international clientele, opening doors to customers who might have been hesitant due to currency differences.





All rights reserved. © Copyright Ashwin Pradeep Kumar 2023

All rights reserved. © Copyright Ashwin Pradeep Kumar 2023